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Big Bluff

Oak Bluffs

Prominently located on the coast of East Chop, Martha’s Vineyard, Big Bluff boasts big views due east towards the Nantucket Sound. Separated by a lightly trafficked neighborhood avenue, the residence is comprised of two buildings: a main house directly adjacent to the shore, and a guest house to the rear. As a result, the primary objective for the design of the landscape was to develop a language that would unify the two parcels.

To achieve this design objective, a repeating pattern is introduced utilizing bluestone steppers, where the edges of each stone are pushed and pulled, akin to the movement of waves. A single path featuring this pattern extends through the entire landscape, from the coastal front yard to the guest house in the rear. Reinforcing this connection are two nearly identical arbors in character with the architecture, each providing a gateway between the houses.

Maintaining the use of a natural materials palette, a unique feature of the landscape is a custom bicycle stand that carves out large notches in a single stone to rest and support tires within. At the front of the property, a select few openings in the native viburnum hedge allow for physical and visual connectivity to the ocean beyond. The hedge goes on to encompass a flagpole, standing proud at the northernmost point of the property.

Collaborator: Hutker Architects; Photographer: Neil Landino

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