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Cliff Ridge Estate


A striking Tudor-style home graces this historic 2.5-acre property in the Cliff Estates neighborhood of Wellesley, MA. Looking to update the property the owners undertook an extensive renovation of the house and grounds. The façade of the home and its historic character were preserved, while the rear of the home now presents architectural innovations and landscaping that reflect the lifestyle of the clients.

To transform and increase utility of the property, the clients wished to incorporate a pavilion with fireplace, a swimming pool, a dining terrace, an event space, and a renovated driveway and foundation planting. The design approach to the landscape mirrors that of the architecture. The front gardens and entry to the home are traditional in keeping with the formality of the Tudor style, while the design for the private backyard is contemporary and casual. The use of traditional materials, textures, and colors blend the contemporary renovations of the house to a landscape that resides comfortably within a traditional context.

Collaborators: LDa Architecture & Interiors, Vivian Hedges Interiors; Photographers: Greg Premru, Neil Landino
Awards: BSLA Merit Award for Design, 2016

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