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In 1919, a Neo-Regency home was constructed on a steeply sloping lot on the southeast side of “Pill Hill” in Brookline, MA. Regency architecture is a classical style, which often features stucco facades, elegant wrought iron balconies, and a terraced plan. Perhaps Architect W. Kilman selected this style for its suitability to the sloping topography or perhaps simply for its elegance. Regardless of the rationale, his composition of residence and site walls for this property created a thoroughly integrated and terraced house/site design. Layered into this extraordinary composition is a rich palette of materials including cobblestone and bluestone paving, fieldstone walls, heritage plantings, and artwork that together exude an understated elegance.

The challenge was to take an architectural masterwork and accommodate a landscape program for a young family that included the addition of a swimming pool. Working closely with the original design, features were modified in a way that would preserve the existing character while embracing the proposed program. For instance, walls were raised slightly to provide the necessary safety enclosure about the pool, paving was expanded for functionality, and gardens were restored.

Collaborator: Jeanne Vanecko; Photographer: Peter Vanderwarker

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