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The Field Club


South of Edgartown, an abandoned gravel pit existed on the glacially formed Katama outwash plain. The pit had been mined for years to a depth in excess of fifty feet and had most recently been used a dump for construction debris. These combined events created a 25-acre site, devoid of vegetation, which was in stark contrast to the surrounding native scrub-oak and pine forest and Edgartown’s iconic tree lined streets and privet hedges close by.

The plan for the reuse of the site as a residential neighborhood with a private club at its core was developed. The Field Club, as it came to be known, includes a compliment of recreation amenities including clay and championship lawn tennis courts, lap pool and beach entry swimming facilities, and a bocce court and bowling green. The landscape plan drew inspiration from Edgartown’s streetscape with clipped hedges accented with boxwood, hydrangea, rose, and clematis.

Collaborator: Patrick Ahearn Architect; Photographer: Greg Premru

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