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Katama Plains


Located on the south side of Martha’s Vineyard, just to the north of South Beach within the native sandplain grasslands of Katama, this property was comprised of two previously developed residential lots. The project sought to redevelop the property, joining the two lots to create a family compound, while preserving and restoring native endangered habitat.

The design for the compound focused on maximizing views to the ocean. The buildings and the landscape were designed to work closely together and are oriented to take advantage of the southern ocean views. The family is active outdoors and requested a program that includes: a cutting garden; vegetable garden with compost bin; outdoor kitchen and pergola; pool house; bocce court; and 70-foot shallow swimming pool and spa.

Even as the active use area was designed to accommodate the program and maximize views, the true challenge was conceiving of a scheme also sensitive to the existing sandplain grasslands. After careful study and working with regulatory agencies and local specialists, a plan was developed and implemented that converted existing lawn areas into thriving native grasslands.

Collaborator: Patrick Ahearn Architect; Photographers: Greg Premru, Michael Partenio

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