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Menemsha Meadows


Inspired by the property’s history and unique natural beauty the new owners worked with the design team to transform the rural property from its agrarian roots to a year-round homestead. Perched on a hilltop overlooking the Menemsha Hills and across the waters of Vineyard Sound, the property offered the potential for dramatic southwesterly views over the forest canopy to the borrowed landscape beyond. Working closely with the architect, the house was positioned to sit comfortably within the sloping terrain while capitalizing on the views.

As one enters the property, a peastone driveway ascends and follows a sweeping curve to arrive at a court in front of the distinctive contemporary residence. The home and a barn are set on axis across a broad glade which has been carefully edited and underplanted with a native meadow. Dry-laid fieldstone walls separate the maintained areas at the structures from the meadow.

At the rear of the home, a series of architectural and landscape spaces seamlessly connect to the home’s interior, providing a variety of options to experience the landscape and enjoy the sweeping southwesterly views. Irregular shaped steppingstones join the outdoor spaces and playfully erode into the landscape. The resulting landscape is a mosaic of thoughtfully designed spaces that sit comfortably within their surroundings.

Collaborators: Patrick Ahearn Architect, Rosbeck Builders, Donaromas Nursery & Landscape; Photographer: Neil Landino

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