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Sanderson Lane


Located on a quiet, rural lane in Weston, MA, this 1.5-acre site presents several unique characteristics. Set in a wooded context, the property is linear, comprised of a shoulder of land with slopes dropping to meet the surrounding topography. The residence, located in the center of the property, sits atop this landform with grades dropping to three sides.

Working with these features, the landscape design sought to improve the aesthetic and functional characteristics of the property with an ordered and symmetrical vocabulary. The design also enhances access by reworking the circulation and topography to create a welcoming arrival space in front of the residence.

To allow for sense of more spaciousness, walls and plantings were removed from the previously enclosed terrace. The terrace was also reoriented to take advantage of the views, but retains its close connection with the house. The pool siting called for a solution that provided separation and privacy. Accordingly, the pool garden is designed as a destination, set behind a stone wall and evergreen hedges.

Collaborators: Merrimack Design, Anthony Catalfano Interiors; Photographers: Carl Tremblay, Peter Vanderwarker
Awards: BSLA Merit Award for Design, 2011

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