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Stonewood Garden


Located in one of Boston’s early twentieth-century suburban communities, this estate featured a 1928 stone-front colonial residence surrounded by lush eastern hemlock and its original period landscape. The owners, a family with young children, wished to better enjoy the space surrounding their house while retaining the jewel-like classical sensibility of the gardens.

Inspired by the stone house and the clients’ embrace of a raised pool garden concept, the new site plan maintained the organization and grade of the property. The formal walled garden was restored, while a significant expansion of the extant rear terraces allowed for a dining area, a spa and swimming pool, and an outdoor fireplace.

To further enhance the pool terrace, a lattice screen panel based on the Tuscan order creates a backdrop that includes an urn original to the garden. These gestures, along with a refined entry garden, create a unified setting that exhibits programmatic needs and vibrant connections to the architectural character of the property and neighborhood.

Collaborator: Patrick Ahearn Architect; Photographers: Greg Premru, Neil Landino

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