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White Oak


This property is located west of Boston in an established neighborhood characterized by scenic topography, curvilinear roads, and a mature oak canopy. Circulation, access, and an overall landscape concept for the property were interests the new owners sought to address. The landscape design was to provide a clear connection between the neighborhood and the residence and stylistically unify the traditional architecture with the contemporary sensibility guiding the interior décor.

The site conditions, program, and client objectives informed the resulting design, which incorporates a semicircular drive contoured into the slope between the road and the residence easing vehicular circulation and providing a convenient arrival area for guests. A walkway provides the direct connection from the street to the house. While the organization is classic, the detailing is contemporary. Piers and stairs that comprise the center entry walkway are balanced, but not symmetrical; the address pier, crafted of granite and inlaid with bronze, is sleek in form and composition; plantings of boxwood, hydrangea, red twig dogwood, and fustigate sweetgum were selected and laid out in masses and in clean lines.

Photographer: Greg Premru

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