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Coastal Plains


Located on the southside of Martha’s Vineyard, Coastal Plains is comprised of two previously developed residential lots that lie adjacent to a series of horse paddocks as well as the Herring Creek Farm.  A short walk from the island’s beloved South Beach, the character of the property reflects the local outwash plains, noted for their sandy soils, stunted windswept trees, and expansive meadows.

Leading into the property, a pea stone driveway with reclaimed granite accent paving winds through a native meadow, while a series of privet hedges and ornamental grasses guide visitors to both arrival and parking courts. At the rear of the property, bluestone paving erodes into the lawn, softening the transition between the architectural and natural features of the site.  A well-crafted fire pit artfully combines fieldstone and granite to form a distinctive fire feature that can be enjoyed while overlooking the adjacent horse paddocks.

On the adjoining parcel of land, the new homeowners were looking to add a lap pool to the property. Designed to maximize views and anchor the pool garden, a pergola – bold in proportion but restrained in detail and materials – looks across a restored meadow and into the borrowed landscape of the farmland beyond.

Collaborators: Fine Line Architectural Design, Landscope Inc., Martha's Vineyard Interior Design; Photographer: Neil Landino
Award: Luxe RED Award- Best of The Rest in Landscape Architecture, Awarded by Luxe Interiors + Design Magazine

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