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Emerson Woods


From the stone farm wall along the road to the American flag flying high, Emerson Woods is a quintessential New England residence. With views west to a secluded pond and a dense periphery of mature trees, the design of the landscape was conceived to be an extension of the already striking natural features.

Entering from the drive, guests are met with a sweeping view of the residence and are led to an arrival court bracketed by boxwood hedges. Composing much of the site’s open area is a meadow of wildflowers and tall grasses, contributing to the rural, New England charm. Pea stone walks lined with a simple, yet colorful perennial palette introduce an intimate garden setting directly around the residence.

At the rear and centered on the main body of the house, a set of rustic, grassy stairs begin a mown path down a steep slope towards the pond. A dining terrace adjacent to the kitchen inside provides a tranquil setting for summertime dinners, where the sound of a traditional fountain can be heard across the way.

Collaborator: Patrick Ahearn Architect; Photographers: Neil Landino, Greg Premru

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